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Monster Office

As the first human intern in a Monster Office, you will interact with the different employees, get to know them, their lives, and their quirks, and - during the course of the game - learn the importance of healthy boundaries.

Password is MonsterOffice


Still a work in progress, this game project is a fusion of a Visual Novel and a low-stakes Energy Management Sim. While the initial concept had a stronger focus on the player and their task to balance everyday life, relationships, and their own mental health, the focus shifted once the roster of characters grew.


Together with my little team, we decided to expand the game in this direction and put a stronger emphasis on the narrative aspect. The theme of boundaries has now shifted toward the characters and the different ways they themselves deal with their own and other people’s boundaries.


The centauress Nessa is not only the player’s mentor during the internship but also supposed to be the role model when it comes to healthy boundaries. She is always open to help and support but also wants the player to learn to stand on their own feet. If the player tries to cross her explicitly stated boundaries, she remains firm and can become pretty cross when pressured.

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