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Candy Crush
- Jelly Jar -

The Jelly Jar is a new game element that was released in summer 2021. It appears as a blocker within levels that feature Jelly of any sort.


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The Jelly Jar is a new blocker that was first released in episode 643, level 9621. It is a static blocker, meaning it will not fall to the bottom of the board when elements beneath it are destroyed. It can have up to two layers and will explode in a diamond shape that damages any candy, blockers, or other elements in the area. After the explosion, the previous area will be occupied with a single layer of Jelly that can stack to two layers if the explosion areas of multiple Jelly Jars overlap.



Levels that include Jelly in combination or solo not only seem to be the favorite game modes among the players but among us Level Designers as well. From adding a simple additional goal to easy levels to being placed at strategic positions that can only be reached after specific conditions have been fulfilled: Jelly is a pretty versatile element in Candy Crush and can easily be combined with other game modes (such as Order or Ingredient).  Additionally, the Feature Design team within Candy Crush had already begun a shift towards the creation of positive blockers that don’t simply halt your progress but give you some kind of reward on their destruction.

Like these

bubblegum pop.png

The Bubblegum Pop is a layer that can have up to five layers and will explode once it is destroyed. This can allow result in explosive chain reactions.

licorice shell.png

The Licorice Shell can have up to three layers and only takes damage from Special Candies. Once destroyed, it will release a Color Bomb.


The Bonbon Blitz is a relatively new blocker that was introduced before the work on the Jelly Jar began. Hitting it with a match will result in the effect of the Special Candy that is displayed on the element. It can have up to four layers with each layer holding a charge.

To combine the idea of positive blockers with the popular Jelly game mode to make the latter more complex and challenging came up as a natural conclusion.



Before the feature was finalized, we had a small audience to playtest in order to give us feedback. Overall, people liked the mechanic and found the jellyfish cute but observation also showed that the players consistently overlooked the explosion that the Jelly Jar caused. So making the explosion VFX more obvious was the last change we did on this feature.

Overall, the reception of the Jelly Jar was positive. People liked the visual design and color of the jellyfish (except for those who were afraid of jellyfish in general) as well as the sounds and overall innovation. In terms of critique, players had the concern that spreading Jelly just to clear it up later would cost them too many moves since it technically created an extra step to finish the level. Others wanted to know if Jelly what would happen if the Jelly spread under indestructible elements (such as Chocolate Fountains or behind a Licorice Fence). This is a valid concern that the Level Design team will have to keep in mind when it comes to future levels that include the Jelly Jar.


Read more in the official Jelly Jar thread here:

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