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Gucci Town

What happens when you fuse the playfulness of Roblox with the creativity of the Gucci brand? Enter Gucci Town and find out for yourself!




Stepping into to portal that stands prominently on top of the Mini Game Heights will wisk the players away into a series of short mini games that last about three minutes each. The experience features a variety of games that can be played cooperatively (team vs. team) or competitively (either against other players or the arena environment itself).

​Gucci Town’s approach to mini games is a modular one, meaning that both the mini games and the arenas they take place in are selected independently. Having the same type of game take place in various distinct levels is a good way to add variety, replay value, and can even serve as a soft way of difficulty grading.



Since Gucci is a label that highly values creativity, giving players a creative outlet was very important for the Gucci Town experience.

The Creative Corner serves as a place where the player can modify a preset sculpture by changing shape, arrangement, color, pattern, and more.

Aside from displaying their own creation, the player can check out other players’ variations as well, turning the server into a bit of an online gallery


If the players want to know more about Gucci as a brand and delve into the label’s history, they can visit the Vault Plaza. The place showcases the most famous Gucci-made crafts and gives insight into their production process.


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