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Why easy when you can make it complicated?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Sometimes the problems I create for myself have a surprisingly easy solution (that most often involves turning things upside-down). Scared that buildings might block the view of the player avatar? Just turn the level map upside-down! The Power Core might cover the player or enemy models too much? Turn it upside-down!

Therefore, our prototypical design of the map and the Power core has undergone some topsy-turvy changes for now.

Another thing that I have learned today when it comes to production: sometimes what you won’t include can be a more difficult decision that what you actually will include. At least when it comes to our art department. To voxel or not to voxel - that has been their question (and a hard one to answer at that). Now that they have decided against it this roadblock of undecidedness is out of the way and everybody can start with their concept research.

Speaking of decisions: there might be an upcoming decision to change the animal our enemy is based on: the initial idea was based on a Peacock Mantis Shrimp because they are quite the colorful critters. Unfortunately, they also possess an overdose of limbs which can make modeling and animating an enemy based on them quite time-consuming. Alternatively, some kind of Nudibranch might provide a much simpler shape while still retaining the same amount of flamboyant coloration. We will see how our artists decide but for now I’m Team Nudibranch.

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