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Weapons of Slug Destruction

Updated: May 31, 2020

Who would have thought - designing melee attacks is a surprisingly complex business. I made the mistake of thinking it would be easier to implement than the creation of projectiles but there is more to take into consideration than I initially expected.

“The melee attack will be started immediately on player input and a melee attack’s range corresponds with the length of the weapon” might be a good initial summary but there still needs to be more specification. So I spent most of my day pondering, researching, writing additional pages and creating gifs that illustrate how our melee attack is supposed to work. Now we have a more clearcut description of the attack’s hitbox, the time that the whole attack (and corresponding animation) is supposed to take and even added a way to chain attacks. All in all, I believe there is still a ton to learn when it comes to designing a combat system for melee, moreover when it should be satisfying to play. But at least now I am forewarned when it comes to the next time I attempt to dive into the topic of melee combat.

Speaking of melee: my co-designer and I came to the conclusion that it would be best to “kill our darlings” and drop the shooting mechanic that was initially supposed to be included in the stretch goals. I think it was the right decision and there are better and more sensible additions we can make if we have spare time (like expanding the repertoire of melee attacks once we have properly implemented the basic mechanic).

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