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The Journey begins…

Updated: May 31, 2020

… in multiple ways: This blog will serve as a game design diary for our first student project at PSQ, but it will also be my debut with blogging in general and establishing my online presence as a game designer. So let us proceed to the documentation of today.

The Game Idea:

After weeks of preparation, filing and greenlighting us designers finally got to pitch the game ideas we prepared - with some unexpected results: in the end, we decided to fuse two of our game ideas together, change the setting and creates something completely new. The game will still be a tower/hero defense game, but we will leave the originally intended 2 player coop as a stretch goal an focus on a single-player mode for now. At the artist’s request, we also turned the general theme of the world around and decided on a cyberpunk setting which will offer more opportunities to use vivid colors and contrast. Farewell, Amish versus Aliens! You shall be grievously missed…

Our brand new game concept will require a brand new GDD as well, so I shall end my entry for today and continue writing that one instead.

Farewell, fellow traveler

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