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The Delights and Woes of Planning

Updated: May 31, 2020

Now that everybody has found their workplace and our group of Mobster Lobsters has finished the first rough planning I have come to an enlightening conclusion: planning art takes time! Who would have guessed?

Apparently not me or at least not enough. I have completely underestimated how much time and work the creation of an art guide and concept art can take. According to our lead artist this part of preparation can even last 2 weeks - something that required quite a lot of adaption in the sprint-planning. Now everything is adapted to the requirements of the artists and takes about quite as long. Let’s just say this mistake has taught me a lot and I will keep it in mind when we do another project.

On a more positive side, I think I came up with quite a nice intuitive

UI for the game: right now it is just a sketch but the liquid in the Power Core’s cylinder is supposed to work as a vertical health bar while the little dome displays the passing of time. Each minute another segment is added until the segments create a circle that signifies that the Power core’s charging process is completed.

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