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The beginning of my VFX Artist Career

Due to working from home… again… my capacities for playtesting have been quite limited. So to my surprise I found working together with our programmer to create new VFX with the system that our VFX artist set up. In the beginning this was mainly to take some workload off him because he is the one who has to juggle both animation and VFX. So we mainly played around with the parameters he created for the different VFX systems (smoke, sparks etc). Although working with effects was completely new to me it was fascinating to see how many variations we were able to get out of a single system. The spark VFX, for example; was initially only meant to signal that the flame has hit a specific target (enemy, torch or player). Now that the programmer and me collaborated we have created a distinct VFX that is displayed when the player holds the flame and might so some more for other instances.

The basic torch got some overhaul as well to make it more visible. The previous model was supposed to be made out of black metal and was filled with coals which would glow once the torch was lit. The reworked torch now has a more silvery texture, the coals are emitting light from the very beginning, even if the torch is not lit and we have created a smaller variation of the smoke VFX that lingers on the unlit torch to catch the players eye with its movement.

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