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Taking Shape

Now that we have set up nearly all of the puzzles in the game scene we had to test and tweak to see if they work in the first place. Some readjustments later the rooms are functional now but will need some visual hints that aid the player in puzzle solving (especially if you have to light torches in a specific order).

One big thing that was mentioned in this Monday’s sprint was the necessity to merge the scenes of designers and artists. During the last weeks, our environment artists have been populating the rooms with props in their separate scene while us designers created puzzles in a different scene with empty rooms. Our teachers rightfully pointed out that we need to have both in order to prevent potential difficulties with the overall space of the room and he is right. I remember that we ran into this problem in our previous game project when the designers playtested/ tweaked for unpopulated rooms and said rooms suddenly became much narrower once all of the props were placed. So it's a good thing that we merged the different scenes in time after getting this feedback.

Speaking of feedback - once again I have been surprised by the amount of influence the camera perspective has on the game in this regard: our VFX/ animation artist initially created a spark VFX (played whenever the flame hits something) that looked perfectly reasonable and even a bit too extreme in its own scene. Within the game, however, it was barely visible and even the much bigger reiteration of the VFX that followed looked subtle at best. To take some of the workload from him, I have tried playing around with the particle system he established and made some variations of my own. Right now, they are looking a bit too extreme though and have been lovingly dubbed “fireworks”.

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