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Looking back at Week 5

Once again a smaller entry because of my health. The perhaps biggest addition we did this week was another recording session - much to the joy of everyone else in the building. The recording included both new sound effects (mainly anticipation sounds since those had to be more distinct from the attack ones) and some singing as well (the nursery soundtrack is supposed to have the theme sung by a choir of children).

Aside from that, we mainly continued with the previous tasks. We inserted puzzle torches and enemies into the scene. Testing things out has been a bit of a hassle though, because the enemies had the tendency to be buggy so we often had to wait for our programmer to fix it. We spend this waiting time with adding collision to the room layouts so our characters can no longer walk through walls.

Since the sprint review noted that we needed to work on stronger feedback it got me thinking about adding more VFX, and while I think it would be sensible our group has the challenge that the only artist familiar with this field is also our main animation artist and has to balance two very demanding tasks. I haven’t really been able to find a good solution for this but I hope we will be able to progress with it next week

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