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Questing for Questionaires

Updated: May 31, 2020

Once again it’s going forward and I have to say that today left me really enthusiastic and motivated. The main reason for that would be the fact that we could finally have people from other groups as playtesters and boy did I make use of it! I had already prepared a 3-page questionnaire during the last week and was very eager for the feedback.

Altogether we were able to have four groups with two unspoiled novices each. They had to play the game two times in a row and then fill out the questionnaire once all the questions were clarified. Afterward, I had a short talk with each of the players where I evaluated their answers and tried to specify the reason for any given criticism. I have to say that I quite enjoyed my new task in the quality control department and considering the fact that I did something like this for the first time it turned out so much better than expected - not to mention informative. The Feedback pointed was quite informative, especially since much of the criticism manifested common themes, so we will have to improve the following parts:


One common complaint concerned the hitbox of the enemies which often seemed a bit too small for the model, especially if the player stood/attacked very close to the enemy. This is something we will definitely have to improve. Related to that point many testers also wished for some kind of visual aid to better show the character’s range. Compared to the collision problem this is an idea we already talked about and we will try to add a cone in front of the player once our artists are finished with the attack animation.

Wave System

To further improve our wave system we also had many questions about the enemy’s spawning behavior. The answers we got made it very clear that the waves need to be more distinct from one another and also need to “communicate” more clearly if the players are supposed to unite or split up and on which side they have to go. Therefore, I and my co-designer will host a casting show tomorrow where we plan to pick the 9 (or 10) best waves out of 15 and tweak those a bit more. This should (hopefully) also solve two of the other problems since fewer waves also shorten the overall time you need to defend the Power Core and might also require less healing items (it was criticized that they don’t spawn often enough. And if it doesn’t we will change those ones manually.

Once all the suggestions have been worked in tomorrow we would like to hold a second testing session with the same groups on either Friday or Monday to see if we managed to improve the criticized parts.

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