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Puzzling it together

Now that our artists have created a new placeholder model for the most recent level layout we can finally check how it looks and feels in-game. In fact, just running through the manor has been pretty enlightening: it showed that a couple of rooms were much too small and need to be expanded in order to allow the players free movement (and freedom from burning themselves with the flame). Especially the Greenhouse area needed some rebuilding, which was not much of a surprise since it has been the section we initially started with. Now our artists are working on turning the singular rooms into prefabs (compared to just constructing them out of tiles) and I hope and pray that this will prevent further crashing.

When it comes to puzzles, us designers have begun with the concepting - first on paper, now that all of the puzzle prefaps are (hopefully) working, in Unity. It ended up being a bit of a territorial thing where I took over the rooms in the Nursery while one of my fellow designers chose the Study area. The newly restructured rooms in the Greenhouse as well as the Lounge are open for the remaining two designers.

The picture shows the current prototype for the Nursery rooms but I think I will go into more detail about each room once we have all of the enemy behavior established and can properly reiterate. For now, the red dots signify torches, the white ones are Banshees, the black ones Wraiths and the grey ones are Dullahans.

Music production is going forward pretty satisfying as well and with the exception of the Ballroom we nearly have all of the required pieces.

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