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Postmortem for Don’t drink the Coolant

Updated: May 31, 2020

Looking back at our first project I have to admit that I was positively surprised in more than one way. Part of this might be due to the doom-and-gloom-stories about first projects that everybody felt the need to tell us, so I went into the project expecting the worst and preparing accordingly. A far bigger part, however, is the fact that I was extremely lucky to have such a talented team as my support. We were a very harmonious group with great synergy and from what I have heard during the Postmortem talk this was something the other team members noticed and valued as well. While I am very grateful for all of my team members there are two people in the group that I feel especially indebted to: the first one is our sole programmer who had to carry an immense burden since the whole groundwork of our project essentially depended on him. The second person is our lead artist who not only turned out to be our organizational backbone but also showed great leadership qualities when it came to the interpersonal aspect of our group.

Of course, no Postmortem is complete without a reflection about things we should have done differently (or at least try to do differently at our next project). One thing that everybody, me included, regarded as improvable was the aspect of organization and planning. Too often people would finish a task but forget to update it in our Hansoft schedule, not to mention that the schedule itself was sometimes not regularly updated in the first place. Closely connected to this aspect was the questions of priority tasks, especially when it came to programming. when I look back at the way our project progressed I can’t help but think that the slump we experienced during the middle phase was the result of insufficient planning and could have been avoided if we had planned more thoroughly. Therefore, organization and prioritizing the tasks is something I want to keep in mind when we start the next project, both, to avoid unnecessary pitfalls but also as a personal field of growth for myself.

Overall, I consider my first game project a success and a positive experience. We managed to reach our goal of developing and finishing a functional game and in addition learned a lot about working together as a team. If you, dear reader, are interested in learning more about our game you are welcome to visit our spelproject page at the PSQ website:


Until next time and remember - Don’t drink the Coolant!

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