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Looking back at Week 7

To my great frustration my health once more has caused me to work from home and limited the things I could effectively do. Playtesting for a two-player-game only gets so far when you are only one person so I mainly did collision tests and checked if the puzzles worked as intended. My other attempt to contribute to the playtesting was creating a detailed questionnaire (74 questions^^) the the other designers could give their playtesting candidates to fill out.

Aside from that, the programmer and me have continued out blossoming career as VFX artists and used the effects to add more feedback to the game. One thing that is remaining is the design of the fifth and final altar room which was supposed to be the final challenge to win the game. Thus, the room is blocked off by a barrier that is only lifted when the players clear the other altars in the house. We have linked the needed game objects to ensure that the barrier disappears and the pentagram in the HUB changes according to the number of lit altars. Now all that remains is the final altar room and creating some kind of ending. At the moment the programmer and me are talking about a boss we could create if we combine the different scripts of enemy behavior...

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