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Looking back at Week 6

Since we had the Beta presentation for our game I would like to focus on the feedback we got there. Overall, the feedback has been positive and people praised our games visuals. In terms of things we have to work on it was mainly in two big areas: visibility and feedback.

The game is set in a spooky gothic manor and accordingly dark so one of the problems that were pointed out was that the players, torches and enemies are barely visible in the dimly lit areas. The artists will look into that issue next week

The other thing to work on concerns - once again - feedback. Overall, we need either more or stronger feedback for the flame but something that was pointed out as well is that at the moment players don’t know if the puzzle was solved correctly so we would need some form of feedback for that as well. To be honest, this was something that I completely overlooked and its good that people have pointed it out.

We will look into the solutions next week.

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