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Looking back at Week 4

Unfortunately, my contributions to this week have been pretty meager because I was sick. But we have started to populate the rooms in Unity and finish concepts for the last remaining puzzles. Now, the first draft of puzzles exists at least on paper and partly in the game and we can hopefully begin to test and reiterate on them. Once that is done, playtesting the three enemies will follow and lastly we will have to do a lot of tweaking for our core flame toss mechanic to make sure it feels good and satisfying.

On a completely different note, it surprised me to see how much our camera perspective influences the artistic part of the game: since we have a zoomed out top-down perspective many things end up looking so much smaller than expected which is especially true for the character models. After some talk with the artists we decided to scale them up and now our previously reasonably sized 1.70 m player characters have grown to an impressive 1.90 m just to stand out enough in the game.

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