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Looking back at Week 3

I knew it was only a question of time until we would hit an eventual roadblock and this is what happened during the middle of this week. Art and programming are still well on their tracks and - in regards to art - even further ahead. But us designers ran into unexpected technical difficulties when we tried to create puzzles for the level that was supposed to be shown in the alpha presentation. We still haven't figured out why but the computers kept crashing whenever we tried to use the prefabs. The design process was accordingly slow and I was relieved when we managed to cobble together a small demonstration of all the game mechanics in time.

I really hope that we will have it fixed at the beginning of next week because at least us designers need to begin with populating the puzzle rooms so we have something to reiterate on. Still, it is good that at least the other disciplines are progressing well, so that’s at least something for this week.

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