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Looking back at Week 3

Updated: May 31, 2020

I have to admit that this week has been (or at least felt) a bit more chaotic than the previous two and we are in a bit of a delay production-wise. If I had to analyze, I would say this is mainly due to two reasons.

One might be rooted in the nature of the

production-cycle itself since we have laid the groundwork for our core gameplay but not yet arrived at the polishing phase. This middle part of the production phase seems to be some kind of limbo where we don’t really have the time to add any more features or functions but it’s still a bit early to get into polishing since some aspects of the game still need to be tweaked.

Concerning this challenge, our group decided to play it safe, not add any more changes and work with what we have. It might not result in the most revolutionary and unique game but we will try to make the mechanics we have as enjoyable as possible.

The other aspect I consider a reason for our delay is the fact that right now so many tasks are intertwined that it can be hard to decide where we start. Let us take the feedback of the melee attack as an example:

we have the basic function established in the code but still have to figure out how to make it feel satisfying for the player. Part of that might be an expressive animation of the swing - but in order to do that, we designers have to specify the time this animation should last, which can be difficult to figure out if we only do it on the abstract level without an animation as guidance. Aside from the player avatar’s animation we also need a reaction from the enemy that corresponds to the melee smack. Having the enemy tossed into the direction of the swing would be awesome - but what kind of code would that require if we have a chain of swings that alternate to the left or right? How do we line up the enemy animation to the corresponding direction (and how long would that take)? And while we’re at it - how will the changed melee affect the combat in the wave system?

At least when it comes to this aspect of interconnectedness and priorities I’m pretty sure it’s also something that will get better with experience.

So if I had to make an estimation there is still quite a lot of work from this week that we need to take over to the next one. But on the positive side, we now have implemented the character models and some placeholder animations so the game slowly but surely gains its shape.

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