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Looking back at Week 2

Once again, we have been occupied mainly with level design. We did a prototype of the general manor layout and its different districts but while the overall array of the five districts is quite set, each designer came up with a very unique idea how to populate the areas. This has made it challenging to choose between options because in most cases each idea is good and stands on its own the overabundance of valid options makes it difficult to decide. This will be something that we have to take over into the next week but hopefully, it shouldn't take too long now that we have a prototype at least.

We also had our first playtesting session with students from the first year which was quite interesting in itself. Having people play the game who have no idea what it is supposed to become is an excellent way to determine how well our design communicates. And on top of that, they don’t shy away from trying to break the game and do shenanigans - which promptly showed a potential pitfall when they deliberately trapped the ball between a wall without the players present. Now we know that we have to add some kind of respawn behavior. Hopefully, we will be able to have them playtest next week as well because the input from our potential audience is always really valid.

Something that I currently enjoy most but that I can’t really show in the blog is how much I enjoy working together with our music creator. He is a student from Stockholm who by now has not only delivered the music pieces really fast but always was spot on when it came to atmosphere and its really fun to suggest possible instruments and/or reference music.

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