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Looking back at Week 2

Updated: May 31, 2020

I might not be able to determine if this has been the most efficient day but it has definitely been the most entertaining. Having your programmer show up with a Santa Beard and T-Rex Christmas sweater is difficult to top. But even that is possible if other PSQ students had the same idea and now you have the building swarming with Santas. And to make the fun absurdity of today complete we also had a recurring bug during playtesting that turned out to be surprisingly entertaining: instead of attacking the Power Core the enemies gathered together in a group to do a little circle dance.

Amusing weirdness aside and weekly goals in focus, I think we managed quite a lot this week and got even further than I expected. Our artists have finished a rough draft of the 3D models that we can implement next week to get a better estimation of the level - character ratio. In terms of animation, the player character’s model has been successfully rigged and our animator is currently working on the enemy rig (which might take a bit longer since a slug’s anatomy is so different from a humanoid one). We also completed the game loop, added a 2 player mode and even included enemy variants - a task that was originally supposed to be a stretch goal. And to top it off our programmer managed to establish a wave system for the different enemies that we designers can tweak and balance during the coming week.

Summa summarum, I’d say we have made good progress during this week. The only thing that slightly worries me is the level map since we changed it so many times that our environmental artist was not really able to begin with his work. But that should hopefully begin next week too.

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