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Looking back at Week 1

All in all, I have to say that what surprised me most about this project is the fast progress. Compared to the two previous projects, the concepting is nearly finalized now after week 1 already and the programmers have established a playable demo of the main mechanic. I guess it shows that we have learned from the other projects and adapted both our design concept and our workflow based on those experiences. As one example, the enemies will all use the same base body and have different heads/ accessories. This is something we had to do in project 2 Death Blade because of time constraints (originally, each enemy had their individual body and mask). For this project, we have already planned the character design with this shortcut in mind.

Something that I am curious about for the next week is the modular puzzle editor that the programmers have developed this week. It will enable us designers - especially the level designers - to have more detailed control when it comes to creating the rooms and puzzle passages.

Things are going well right now and in cautious optimism I hope it will remain this way.

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