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Looking back at Week 1

Updated: May 31, 2020

Our first week of project week as over which means that today is a good day to reflect about the progress. Personally, I found it very fascinating to observe the whole development process of the game and see how dynamic it could be. The core of our game has remained the same but compared to the initial pitch (or even the first workday) quite a lot of changes have taken place.

The most obvious one might be our decision to cut the projectile weapon and solely focus on the melee attack instead. It is true that a different type of weapon would have added more variety - but it was never crucial for the gameplay. There are other ways of enriching the combat, especially since we can add more types of melee attacks once the mechanic has been properly established in the game. To conclude my musings about this choice: I still think it was the right decision and cutting the feature didn’t “hurt” me in any way. It just makes me wonder how it will feel if someday (and that day will surely come) I have to decide against some game feature that I’m personally attached to.

Staying on the topic of changes in our game: we also decided to choose another animal that we could base our aliens on. And while I’m a huge fan of Mantis Shrimps it was really interesting to learn more about Nudibranchs. To be frank, this opportunity to do game-related research while simultaneously delving into a new real-world topic is one of the things I love most about being a game designer (in training^^). I even learned about a new species of Nudibranch called Melibe colemani that is completely transparent aside from its digestive system which makes it look like a ghost slug.

Cool sea slugs aside we have had a successful week: our programmer managed to set up a playable prototype of our game that includes all the important puzzle pieces (player movement and melee, enemies and the Power Core that is attacked by them) which means that we can go into playtesting and polishing for the next week.

On the side of our art department, I have to say that I’m very grateful for how well our art-team works together (especially after hearing from some other groups who seem to suffer from “my way or the highway” artists). I remember my surprise after being told that setting up an Art Guide could take up to two weeks but considering the problems that can arise if artists can not agree on the style and do their own thing instead it makes so much more sense to me.

All in all, I think the project has been going surprisingly well and I am very proud of my team.

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