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Updated: May 31, 2020

To be honest, this Monday has been quite challenging for me. I thought we were on one page when it came to the feature-question and that we will not add anything new if our current core is not completed (which it is not since the whole feedback is still missing). But once again suggestions of new features are the first thing we designers have gotten today and once again we had to shoot the ideas down due to our time constraints. Speaking of time constraints - as we were informed in our Sprint meeting the following week will note be completely available as a workweek which presses our time schedule even further.

We decided to hold a little crisis-planning to figure out how we get back on track with the time we have left. For now, we have decided on a couple of priorities and the artists, in particular, are going to work in tandem to get the most pressing things (especially the animations) done. The motivation in our group, however, seems to be at quite a low point since last week. Some of our team members are not satisfied with the core gameplay itself (which is the source of the many suggestions) and now that it has become apparent that the core will stay as it is, there seems to be some stagnation. I really want everybody to pull our weight together in order to tie up all the loose ends of our game, but I don’t really know how to reignite everybody’s motivation again. I am concerned that I might end up dragging the unwilling team members rather than leading them, just to give our game some chance of being finished. On the other hand, this is not exactly the kind of leadership I aspire to…

Something like this would be more optimal (minus the nudity of course)

Despite the doubt and frustration of today, I can at least say that this has been a very clear example for another facette of the designer’s job that I previously not exactly overlooked but maybe didn’t perceive to its full extent: the facette of interpersonal leadership and group-motivation. Constructing mechanics and rules can be practiced on one’s own and with the help of good literature or other tutorials, Of the importance of communication, in general, I already knew which is why I tried to be as precise as possible in the GDD. But like so often the interpersonal level can make or break the work environment and in comparison to the theory of game design, it has to be experienced and will not allow for shortcuts.

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