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Updated: May 31, 2020

This first half of the week has largely been occupied with finalizing the design of the last enemy variants, mainly the Splitter and the Alchemist (who by now has been turned into more of a Hacker). Working together with the artists has been a really fun experience for me, especially since both of the groups brought their own perspectives to the table: for me as a designer the different enemy variants had to look distinct enough for the player to recognize the type within split seconds. The artist’s perspective was a bit more detail-oriented and focused on smaller topics like shape language or color contrasts.

I remember having one longer talk where everybody was evaluating the preferred horn-shape of an enemy mask and how it would fit with this enemy’s overall appearance. Now, we have arrived at the point where all those questions have been clarified and the artists can start on the production part (= modeling the enemies). To be honest, I am a bit concerned about the whole workload, since we do have quite a lot of distinct models - Grunt, Specter, Firestarter, Splitter, Alchemis - which all require two different textures to signify if they do melee (black) or ranged (white) attacks. As hesitant Is I was with getting rid of the drones as ranged enemies, now I’m glad that we decided to do it since they would have created even more additional work for our 3D artists.

The UI has been overhauled as well and been given a more modernized look. This was especially visible in the upgrade menu which has been transformed from a scroll of parchment with paintings towards a holographic version of the same thing which might roughly look something like this:

Furthermore, our development team is now in contact with the students that will cooperate with us to create the music and sound effects. Considering how many enemy characters we currently have I presume they will be very busy during the coming weeks.

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