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Juggling the last Tasks

Updated: May 31, 2020

Since my co-designer called in sick today it was up to me to take care of the final sound-balancing and even the music. doing the sound design was a bit unexpected for me (as it used to be his realm) but also an interesting experience and once again something I would like to get a bit more experienced in. My previous share in the sound department was more on the theoretical side and concerned with sound as feedback when I gave a rough list of what auditory cue should accompany which event in the game. And the time - who could forget? - where I mimicked the voices for our sluggish foes and created the sound that would forever haunt (and annoy) the groups downstairs (one could at least say that I can make very peculiar sounds, I guess…) Mixing and cutting the sounds in a program called Audacity turned out to be fun and educating, but was also a bit more playing around than purposeful design. But hopefully, I will have gathered more experience until the next project.

Another new task I took over from my co-designer today was the selection of music for the different screens, mostly start- and win-screen but also a placeholder for the level music if the person that composed for our game will not be able to finish the piece in time. Thanks to Youtube I was able to find some fitting synthwave pieces that were royalty-free and once we have decided which one we take I will credit the artist in the next entry (right now we are having a democratic vote with our group members).

The last task that surprisingly turned up for today was the design of a graphic for the control-scheme of our game. I know this sounds like its a simple thing to do but I have to admit that I sometimes find it hard to do minimalistic things, both in terms of graphics and writing. But its good be aware of this quirk of mine and I think I will be able to tone my obsession with details down a bit with enough deliberate practice (and some good books about the topic).

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