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It's all about that Waves, bout that Waves…

Updated: May 31, 2020

As the title might suggest I finalized the wave system today. Instead of the previous 15 waves, we now have 10 waves that are more distinct and last a bit longer (40 sec. instead of 30). I’m very curious how the replay session tomorrow will turn out, not that we have adapted the waves to our playtester’s suggestion. I hope we can measure some improvement, especially concerning our last group of playtesters since they were most critical of our game.

If everything works out and I managed to improve the waves indeed we will have achieved two of our three intended “pillars” of the game: diverse enemy waves and player cooperation (as I mentioned in the previous entry those two are intertwined). The remaining pillar - combat/ the melee attack - is still being refined but we should get a prototype of the improved melee today (at least according to my co-designer who has been focussing on the player attack).

Aside from our progress on the side of mechanics we also finally managed to implement the sound and can now test out our auditory feedback. At the moment, most of it consists of placeholder sounds but I’m optimistic that we will have a final (or at least semi-final) version at the end of tomorrow. One sound that will definitely have to go is a high-pitched scream that the small enemies emit when they are killed. In itself, I am quite fond of the sound but due to the fact that small enemies die on one hit, there is quite a lot of Aaaahhh! squeaking going on. The replacement is supposed to sound closer to an organic Splat! which is not only less annoying but can also be reused for all of the enemy deaths. The other placeholder sounds are relatively close to the intended feedback but I will leave the detailed description of our improved enemy variants for tomorrow.

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