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Getting started

Updated: May 31, 2020

Once again our school has started with the game project and once again the first day was largely occupied with organizational tasks, starting with new seating arrangements, moving the computers, and ending with a whole lot of meetings where we specified our plans for the alpha version of our game. The game itself will be a first-person rouglite in a cyberpunk setting (once again I get cyberpunk) where the player fights their way through randomly generated levels to ascend a tower. The main combat options will be a katana for close combat and a ranged projectile that can be shot from the katana as well. Since we have a relatively large group of 18 people everyone will have roles that are a bit more specialized, therefore my main task will be to focus on everything concerning the enemies. Still, those roles are not set in stone, meaning I will work in other fields as well which I did on the first day already when I set up the backlog together with our lead designer.

Aside from those organizational tasks, I have started collecting some sounds that we can use as placeholders for the auditory cues of our enemies: currently, they will play a sound that signals their attack anticipation, their actual attack, a sound cue when they are hit by the player and last but not least a sound when they have been killed. The anticipation sound will be of special importance since our MVP goal involves two different types of enemy.

  • the melee enemy is supposed to be more humanoid, walk on the ground and attack the player with close-ranged weapons.

  • the ranged enemy type will be much smaller, airborne and shoot projectiles from a distance. Said projectile is supposed to do a lot of damage and hit with 100% accuracy if the player does not move. Therefore, we decided to have a phase of projectile charging before the flying enemy actually attacks to give the player a chance to dodge the projectile.

Both enemy types are supposed to have variants but those remain a stretch-goal until we have established a playable prototype. Nevertheless, I have finished and specified the section about enemy spawning and behavior in our GDD and even managed to come up with a few variant ideas that our lead designer approved of. Furthermore, I had enough time to specify some rough ideas for possible enemy UI, although we are currently undecided if it will be diegetic or not.

Something that has begun to pose additional challenges is the current Corona epidemic… Following the recommendation from our school, most of our group members will begin to work from home starting tomorrow. Our instructors have set up voice channels and directives on how to have discussions and when to have attendance meetings, but I assume it will take its time until everybody has settled into the new and unfamiliar situation.

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