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Getting back on Track

Updated: May 31, 2020

Today seems much better and more focussed than the previous one and I can only hope that it stays that way. We have fixed the melee problem (at least for now) but might still have to tweak the attack speed a little bit. Since we “outsourced” part of the feedback to our programmer who happens to be quite fast we also have managed to include a flashing animation of the player hits the enemy. The wave system, too, starts to take on shape and if we are productive enough we might even be able to have other (non-group) people playtest it and fill out the feedback questionnaire. The playtesting also helped us to track down some bugs that would have affected the gameplay:

Bug #1 suddenly gave player 1 full control of both characters when both of them were in the cooldown status after a combo attack.

Bug #2 affected the healing item which ceased to heal once the Power Core’s health was below 50%.

I have to say that the bug hunting aspect of playtesting is something I really enjoy. Now, after the groundwork is laid and the theoretical design part is finished as well I have to admit that I sometimes feel a bit at a loss when it comes to finding tasks. my co-designer still has the audio as an additional domain while I have concentrated on refining the wave system. And while I try to playtest as much as possible the constant repetition also bears the danger of developing blind spots, which is why I’d like to have a wider range of playtesters.

Aside from this task, there is quite a lot of work to do, especially on the art side. Even with two people working on it the animations and environment textures take their time. I have to admit that while being aware that the artistic part would be time-consuming I never expected it to take that long and this is definitely something I’ll keep in mind when we do our next game project.

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