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Even more VFX

Now that we are trying to incorporate some of the feedback we got for our Beta presentation me and the programmer have continued with the VFX creation from last week. One new addition, for example, is a variation of the spark VFX that rises from the floor of a room whenever a puzzle is solved and the door is opened. This is a direct reaction to one of the suggestions we got after the Beta when it was pointed out that the correct solution of a puzzle needed additional communication (previously it was just a sound effect of an opening door). The new VFX for solved puzzles is pretty visible (it fills the whole room) and good solution in terms of clarity, so I am quite proud of myself.

Other VFX talk was concerned with the circle of the player UI which consisted of different layers of 2D graphics. While pretty visible it also looked very clunky at unorganic because it clearly stook out against our 3D environment and characters. In the end, we used a light beam VFX that our artist had created as a prototype and played around with the material. Now it blends in with the environment and emits light on top of it so it will hopeflully help with the player’s visibility. And true to our VFX recycling principle, the system was re-used for the Banshee’s circular AOE attack (different color and transparency) and for a barrier (different mesh and color) that we added block the players from getting to a specific area.

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