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Augments and Feedback

Updated: May 31, 2020

As expected this week so far has been focussed on combat-related issues. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties in our alpha demo (the player’s animations don’t line up with the actual attack) which makes practical playtesting a bit difficult. To make the best out of our free time, we have been discussing the player upgrades and decided on eight out of the nine required augmentations. Since we had so many upgrades to choose from (25 to be precise) we developed a grading system based on five criteria (with 3 points maximum for each category):

  1. How performance-heavy is the upgrade?

  2. How much extra work would the upgrade require from art and programming?

  3. Does the upgrade add more variety to the gameplay?

  4. Does the upgrade generate a high number of synergies?

  5. Does the upgrade make the player feel empowered and encourage a fast/aggressive playstyle?

While this is still very much on an abstract level it was a good method to gain an overview and a base for the final selection. I hope to test them out soon, once we have gotten a little bit further with the basic combat.

Furthermore, we had a longer brainstorming session about feedback, including a shorter conversation with one of our teachers. While this - once again - is still on a more abstract level, the longterm goal for enemy feedback is supposed to include the following (marvel at the expertly crafted Gifs ;)

Basic feedback when the enemy is hit

  • enemy knocked back (code)

  • enemy staggers (animation)

  • enemy short freezeframe (animation)

  • sound of the enemy being hit (SFX)

  • 2D animation effect of a slice (VFX)

  • hitmarker around crosshairs (UI) (if the enemy is hit by a player projectile)

Basic feedback when the enemy is hit

  • possible ragdoll effect (animation)

  • enemy staggers (animation)

  • enemy longer freezeframe (animation)

  • sound of the enemy's death scream (SFX)

  • effect of the enemy dissolving (VFX)

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