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Architecture and Music

Things are progressing well so far and the main thing pointed out in our sprint meeting at the beginning of the week was the question who we decide to progress when we have to either add or cut content. Since the level is composed of singular rooms, cutting content should be easily done. Adding more content in terms of level parts can be integrated to a certain degree but if we actually end up with more puzzle/combat rooms than the manor floor can realistically hold we might have to add an entire second floor. Personally, I would like to have more content (= rooms) in the game but that is something we designers will have to figure out in accordance with the environment artists.

The prototypical floorplan from last week has been reiterated on and we have now agreed on its final room order and layout. Perhaps the biggest change in this regard is the expansion of the HUB area, which was initially enclosed by a corridor around it but now serves as the crossway between all of the five different districts. If everything works out and we can create districts as planned, there will be the following:

Greenhouse: an abandoned greenhouse that is now overgrown with plants

Lounge: the parlour with a lot of couches and armchairs

Study: bookshelves, desks and astronomical instruments/maps

Nursery: area for bedrooms and children’s rooms with a lot of toys

Ballroom: the final area which will mostly be empty space since its very combat focussed

A completely different design task that has been a lot of fun was a recording session to sample some potential SFX for our players and enemies. Let’s just say recording screeches for the Banshee has been… remarkable, both for us and for every other person in the building. One of my fellow designers is currently sifting through the recordings and trying himself on some overlay effects as well. We also had more talks with our musician about the level’s BGM. The overall idea is to use a leitmotif melody that is played by different instruments depending on the area and since the districts of the manor were supposed to be visually distinct anyways, having their own music on top will complement them well.

On a non-level-related note, we have been preparing our slides for the alpha presentation on Friday and I will practice it tomorrow. Furthermore, the programmers have finished all of their single behavior scripts which enable us to construct our own puzzles and enemy behavior. We had an instruction course today but didn’t have to time to try it out yet, so tomorrow will likely be occupied with creating puzzle rooms. Judging from the abundance of scripts and the endless possibilities to combine them with one another I’m pretty sure it will take a while until we get a proper routine but we should be able to construct at least a couple of puzzle rooms for the alpha demo.

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