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All Power to the Core!

Updated: May 31, 2020

This week will mostly be focussed on implementing the Power Core into the game. It will be quite an interesting endeavor since all three disciplines (Design, Art, Programming) have to do their part in order to make it come true. We will see how well it works out but right now I’m quite positive that we will have a working Power Core at the end of this week. Speaking of the Power Core: it has once again been re-designed and after a collective meeting we decided to separate the UIs for the timer and the health.

As you (dear reader) can see, we kept the liquid in the glass tube to signify the health but basically sliced it in half to solve the problems of less-than-optimally-visible enemies that might cheekily slither behind the core. To block the way even further we decided to add a giant wall/battery/generator object that would convey information about the progression of the timer by showing a slowly charging bar on the top. If everything works out as intended we will also have a greyboxed version of the level map by tomorrow.

Another very important change for the game is the inclusion of 2 players. It was originally intended as a stretch goal but we were rightfully alerted that a 2 player coop would require more time for testing than a mere stretch goal would allow. So it has become another priority alongside the Power Core for this week. We will see how far we can progress with this goal...

On a more personal note for today: my Photoshop has gone on strike which is not only really annoying but also inhibits the work process when it comes to updating the GDD or drawing more GIFs to illustrate game mechanics. I hope it will be taken care of tomorrow, otherwise it can become quite frustrating.

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