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Afflicted Navel-Gazing à la Game Designer

Updated: May 31, 2020

I know I should be less contrite with myself, but I can’t help it today. We successfully presented our proof of concept without too many hassles. We also have come very far in terms of general gameplay and still have to do quite a lot of tweaking when it comes to the enemy wave system.

But during our proof of concept presentation, it also became very clear that the melee attack once again needs to be specified to avoid a mindless button-mashing for the attack. This left me very annoyed at myself because we need another overhaul that will require time from our programmer. Furthermore, I can’t help to think that I did a bad (or at least not good enough) job when it came to either the planning or the communication of the melee attack, and now it has become an unnecessary road bump that could have been avoided if I had done a better job as a designer. But sometimes you don’t recognize the problems when you are forming an abstract design and you need to experience the practical realization of your idea to find the hidden flaws.

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