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Adding some Spice

Updated: May 31, 2020

This day has mainly been focussed on the conceptualization of enemy variants (2 for each, me and the other gameplay designer) and make gifs for them. Each variant is supposed to evoke a specific player behavior and overall shall drive the player to be combative and aggressive. My two variants so far are the following:

Specter Class

This one is an enemy designed around swiftness and will not only have a higher movement speed than the normal grunt but be able to dodge on top of that. In both types (melee and ranged) the player is forced to time their attacks more precisely. A melee type Specter will dash backward after each attack it does on the player and is most ideally killed by pursuing it or using the surroundings to drive it into a corner.

The ranged type of the Specter class stays further away from the player (as most ranged enemies do) and will shoot its projectiles. On top of that, it will dash left or right once it has done its shot, thereby forcing the player to memorize the enemy’s movement pattern.

Firestarter Class

This one is a kamikaze unit that will either explode on contact with the player or when it is killed. The range of the explosion is not determined yet but it is supposed to damage both player and enemies if they come in contact. Compared to the Specter the two different types (melee and ranged) display the same behavior but the ranged unit will likely be more difficult to hit due to its smaller size.

In the case of the Firestarter class, the player is supposed to use the enemies strategically in order to damage/ kill enemies that stand close to the Firestarter - which is something we will have to iterate when it comes to the spawning pattern. After all, it would be better is a Firestarter always spawns with other enemies close by. But once again we will have to wait until we have established the basics.

Aside from the main work on enemy variants, I dabbled a bit with the game’s possible HUD. Since the setting is supposed to be a cross between cyberpunk and traditional Japanese elements the current idea is to use some elements of calligraphy, mainly displaying the bars for health and energy as a brushstroke - simple yet elegant. If possible I would like to continue this handpainted look with other UI elements but we will have to see if we manage it time-wise. The game is beginning to take shape and I hope we will have a productive rest of the week.

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