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A Summary of Week 8

Updated: May 31, 2020

Good news: we finally got the animations in! I have to say this had been a great concern of mine and I’m more than glad that this is one thing less to worry about.

In regards to design, there were a couple of additions we put into the game this week, even if they came a bit late. The first thing we added was a reaction to the strongest criticism we got: the lack of orientation within the rooms. Addin a mini-map had been on our minds for quite a while but initially, we had decided against it because the player might decode the pattern of the room generation and realize that the next lobby is always located in the upper right corner. In the end, we decided that this possibility was the lesser evil if we compared it to the player getting lost and becoming frustrated.

We also decided to add another screen that would show the player’s augmentations and status upgrades, so once again I did some 2D art. Additionally, we added a little icon for all the augmentations that have a temporary effect like Jack of all Trades which boosts either the player’s dash or projectile or Bloody Rage (now named Adrenalin) which increases the player’s defense for a certain time.

Playtesting this week was focussed on the enemies, especially the enemy variants. We discussed a bit about the number of variants on each floor and then specifically brainstormed for options to nerf the Firestarter variant because he simply was too deadly. In the end, his explosion damage was lowered and he got a lower speed and attack rate than the other variants. Additionally, one of our designers suggested adding a short time of invincibility of the player was hurt fatally. During those seconds the player had the opportunity to save themselves by landing a kill on the enemy and getting the health regain. This new feature still needs a bit of tweaking but has worked well so far.

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