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A Summary of Week 7

Updated: May 31, 2020

Once again, this week has been more focussed on art than on design for me because I was busy doing a screen for the game controls and the credits. So I have been working mostly on my own until Wednesday, the day when we discussed the final values for our augmentations. Since most of us were in accordance with the stats this wasn’t too much of a hassle and went comparatively quickly.

I also developed a questionnaire for potential playtesters but compared to my first project the aspect of playtesting has been pretty difficult. This was partly to the relatively small pool of playtesters we had available and since they were from the other group they had only limited time available. Also, it seems for some people the game was very laggy and sometimes crashed mid-play, something that I passed along to the programmers.

Despite of those challenges, the interviews showed at least some commonalities:

  • orientation within the floor was difficult und confusing and more than one playtester suggested the use of a mini-map

  • the enemies’ movement speed was much too fast

  • the amount of health regen after a kill was too high

On the positive side, the playtesters enjoyed the melee combat and liked the augmentations (as well as the augmentation menu which, as the creator, made me very proud).

We also found out one of the reasons why animation had been such a hassle: apparently there were scaling issues between Unity and Maya so the original rig had to be redone and now it had to be redone another time. At least this new rig was finished at the end of the week and seems to work well so I hope the other artists will be productive the following week.

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