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A Summary of Week 6

Updated: May 31, 2020

This week has been nothing short of turbulent for various reasons: first and foremost, deciding on the final values for player and enemy stats has been quite interesting because this project has a comparatively high number of designers (we are 5 in total) compared to the first one where only two people made design decisions. During our finalization meeting for player and enemy values, our comparison showed that we all emphasized very different aspects of the game and came up with pretty unique versions. The ideas diverged most strongly when it came to enemy speed and health (compared to the others I gave the enemies a very high speed and more health to make them more of a challenge) and the player’s dash ability (this one had values ranging from 100 to 60 so it fluctuated quite a lot). The good thing is that all of our designers are very open people who have no problem with discussion or other input so we managed to find a satisfactory compromise together. Still, it was a good opportunity to once again reevaluate which kind of gameplay and feeling we wanted to create.

Another design discussion focussed on how we could improve the player’s sense of direction and give them more means of orientation. We considered adding a minimap a la Binding of Isaac but in the end, decided against it because the player would figure out the position of the lobby (the goal) after a short time since they always spawned in fixed locations. Instead, we added a holographic message on top of each doorframe to signal which room the player had already been in.

The biggest impact for this time is something that had been a concern during the previous weeks and now came crashing down on us: the animation. During the middle of this week, we were informed that our main animator would be absent or at least not able to work in full capacity due to health reasons which meant that we had to do some dire cuts and restructuring for our game’s art department. Initially, each variant was supposed to have its own 3D model. Now, that we are under time constraints, we have decided to just use the one we already have (which is the Specter) and give it different textures instead to mark them as the different variants. And while I mourn for all the wonderful variant models that I was looking forward to seeing in 3D I think it is the most efficient and plausible solution for the remaining weeks. It also makes me glad that we decided to do the bodies and masks separately because the latter are already done and can help to further distinguish the variants on to of the color-scheme.

Additionally - due to the remaining artists working to finish the remaining animations - I have now officially become a part-time artist because I was asked to draw the UI for the game’s upgrade menu. Proud to say I finished the task within the rest of this week and will hopefully be free to do design tasks again on Monday.

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