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A Summary of Week 4

Updated: May 31, 2020

Considering that this week is shortened due to the Easter holidays it managed to be quite turbulent: in terms of overall organization, we received the news that starting with next week the school will be closed, meaning that everybody will work in home office from now on. And while this hardly comes as a surprise, considering the ongoing pandemic I hope everything will work out both in terms of communication and in terms of having no technical problems.

Furthermore, we had to do what many designers are forced to do: kill our darlings (only metaphorically of course) and move the Splitter variant to the stretch goals. The reason behind this is the current workload on our animation artist who is currently doing most of the animations on his own. To better accommodate and free other artists so that they can support him we designers have decided to cut one of the variants from the game: rest in peach, dear Splitter, you and your multiple personalities will be severely missed.

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