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A Summary of Week 3

Updated: May 31, 2020

This week has been the last one where we finalized a couple of “bigger” game aspects. Not only are all of our enemy variants finalized now but we also have decided on the diamond-shaped UI around the crosshairs to display the player’s health and energy. On top of that, our upgrade menu has received an overhaul and now looks more holographic to better fit the cyberpunk aesthetics. We still have to decide on the augmentations though, which currently comprise 25 potential ones and have to be condensed down to 9 (at least for now).

This Friday has also been the first time we showcased the alpha-version of our game to both our teachers and other classmates. Overall, the feedback we received was positive, but they also recommended to put our next focus on the combat of our game since this will be its main feature. So I expect the next week to be very playtesting heavy.

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