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A Summary of Week 2

Updated: May 31, 2020

While part of this week has been occupied with design decisions concerning our level (or rather the room-parts that our level will be generated with) much of the other focus has been put on everything concerning the enemies. Together with the level designers, we discussed the possible distribution of spawn points in each room and I tried to make some flowcharts of our enemy AI behavior. Now that our artists have decided on the base enemy design they have come up with some amazing concepts for the variants with the Firestarter being my current favorite so far.

Thinking about the enemy distribution had been quite interesting so far because this is the point where the game becomes tactical. And while I’d love to have more complex AI I think a lot can already be done with placement alone. My current thoughts about optimal variant placement are as follows:


Since he gives the player a debuff by obstructing their vision this variant would be optimally placed in the company of a grunt crowd that can attack the player while he/she is vulnerable. I’m not completely sure about the spatial placement but perhaps it would be more on the enclosed side so the other enemies need less time to surround the player.


This enemy is swift and moves a lot so he needs large open spaces to reach his full potential. I also think he can appear both alone or in a group since he will keep moving anyways. Maybe spawning him together with grunts, maybe even as an opposite combination (ranged Specter/ melee grunts or melee Specter/ ranged grunts) could be interesting as well because it would force the player to decide between two potential threats.


A bit of the opposite to the Specter this enemy would be most well-positioned in spaces that are narrow and confined like small rooms or corridors that make it more challenging for the player to dodge. Furthermore, since he is supposed to have this risk-reward element of potentially damaging other enemies when he explodes he should have some grunts around so the player is enticed to kill him off quickly.


The Splitter currently seems to be a bit underpowered at the moment, especially in comparison to the other variants. At the moment, he only creates two grunt units after his death. But I think if we exaggerate this trait of his by increasing the number of enemies spawning after his death he could become much more of a challenge. My personal suggestion would be 4 or 5 new enemies, technically making the Splitter into a human cluster bomb.

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