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A Summary of Week 1

Updated: May 31, 2020

As one might expect from the first week of a project this week was mainly focused on defining and specifying aspects of the game. One of these tasks I was occupied with was the look of the general game HUD and I’m pretty happy to say that we decided to give it the handpainted brushstroke look of Sumie art that I learned to love in Ōkami. Both, the player resources (health and energy) will take the shape of a brushstroke and loss of said resources are shown with an ink splatter animation. Furthermore, the upgrade screen will have the painted look as well and take the shape of a parchment scroll on which the augmentation choices are position. The icons for the augmentations will be drawn in the Sumie style as well (at least this is the plan for now).

Something that also makes me happy, personally, is the creation of our player character: although you can only see the character’s arms most of the artists voted for a female character and also liked to have a cherry blossom motive for her. And while the idea is not completely new I really like the contrast between this very feminine-coded style of our character and the combat-oriented gameplay that makes said feminine character into a badass killing machine.

Another very important design decision was made today and included the two enemy types: originally they were to be very distinct with the melee unit being humanoid while the ranged enemy unit was a flying mechanic drone. To save time, we have now decided to make all of the enemies humanoid and use the same character model with minor differences (melee enemies wear black pants while the ranged ones’ pants are white). From what I have seen from our artists, the design of the enemy variants looks very promising. Each variant is based on a mythological creature and is wearing an according mask: currently, we have a Kitsune, a Bakeneko, a Hou-ou (phoenix) and a squid (okay, not exactly mythological but it does look very neat). I’m really looking forward to seeing them in the game a couple of weeks ahead.

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